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This page gives members the opportunity to find and make contact with like-minded parents and families. If meeting up in groups isn’t your cup of tea but you desperately want to connect with someone who ‘gets it’ then this page could be for you.  We will post entries from parents regularly who want others to make contact with them.


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Posted 18/01/2016- Location Hendon, London

Hi there,
I would like to add a post and make friends.
Our names are Anna and George. George is 3 years old sweet boy who is on the Autistic Spectrum. We live in Hendon, London and would love to make new friends and make playdates). My email is

Posted 21/01/2016- Location Tetbury, Gloucestershire

My name is Karen. I have a 24yr old daughter with moderate learning looking in2 chattin with other mums,dads who have children of a similar age.4 advice help n jst general concerns. For further contact details email

Posted 21/01/2016- Location Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Hi! My name is Joanna.  I’m from Cheltenham. Mum of 7 years old Adrian who has rare condition Williams Syndrome. I’m a working mum, so coffee mornings are not for me unfortunately but social weekends meetings are more than welcome. My email is

Posted 23/04/2016- Location Stanmore, Middlesex

I am 33 years old, married and have 2 sons, Joshua who is 6 and diagnosed with ASD and Jayden who is 5 years old. 

Joshua has high functioning autism, so likes to participate in regular family days out such as the cinema, theatre, playing golf, playing in the park, going to an amusement, eating out and going abroad on holidays. He is very kind and caring, loves responsibility (in the kitchen, helping his brother) and loves to be the leader!! 

His sensory needs are becoming predominant which he is receiving therapy to support his behaviour. We are currently going through the statement process now as he school is becoming challenging and requires support to reassure him. 

I would love to speak to anyone who is in a similar position to us and close by for like minded play dates. We live in Stanmore, Middlesex.

Please contact to make contact.

Posted 26/04/2016- Location Cotswolds near Cirencester

Hi, I’m a mum of 3 boys 11, 7 and 6 we live in the Cotswolds near Cirencester.  My 6yr old son isn’t attending school as he suffers from high anxiety brought on by demand avoidance. He has sensory processing issues, tic disorder and underlying adhd. He is a lovely smart, funny and imaginative boy. I’m looking for friends for both of us for play dates during the week. I look forward to hearing from you.
Annika x contact me on